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Our concept  is ready to satisfy the desires for escape and comfort of your seasonal or residential customers for 4-season use.


An environmentally friendly, innovative, resolutely modern hosting solution that offers  the pleasure of authentic and contemporary wood.

Our range covers your needs with:

- 4 cottages  from 30 to 35 m²  with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms: Chalet Transylvania L or Chalet Transylvania XL

- a high-end PMR Suite ,

- an additional 2-bedroom module

- as well as specific products such as our 10 M² Boutique and our SPA Chalet.

The incomparable manufacturing quality of glued-laminated wood, treated to a thickness of 7 cm, guarantees you  longevity over time and a differentiating offer. 

TRANSYLVANIE HABITAT presents its new HLL collection, original and dynamic.





• Guaranteed delivery at agreed times and prices

• Guarantee of perfect completion

• Two-year warranty/good working order (two-year warranty on all equipment)

• Ten-year guarantee (structural work, roofing and all the fixed structures of your house are guaranteed for ten years)

• Work damage guarantee

• Civil liability guarantee (protects you against all problems that may arise on your site)

• No more anxiety about a construction site that does not finish or a craftsman who goes bankrupt, preventing you from starting your activity.


With Transylvanie habitat, it's 100% guaranteed.























• Our partner offers an experience of more than 20 years in the most technical achievements.

• A High Tech production line necessary for the manufacture of wooden structures and the deformed system.

• Always on the lookout for the most innovative technologies, offering solutions to your problems. The manufacturing industry is constantly modernizing in order to remain a leader in its field.

• AN UNBEATABLE VALUE FOR MONEY :  The power of our exclusive partner, allows us to display ever more competitive prices to ensure the optimization of the costs of your project.

                    An ultra-modern production line


• The machines of the production lines, are particularly designed to facilitate the work, thus obtaining a sawing and a perfect mixture of the elements of wooden design.

• The machines are manufactured in the European Union, the United States and Australia.

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