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Le bois permet grande liberté architecturale

architectural freedom


   Due to its aesthetic and mechanical qualities, wood is a material that can be integrated into all sites. In addition, wood is a natural, noble and warm material that allows you to create welcoming and personalized interiors and to play freely with volumes.


Wood therefore offers great design flexibility by allowing a very vast architectural expression that favors space by optimizing comfort. You can almost build whatever you want, whatever the style; modern, traditional, contemporary.


It is also possible to adapt all types of coverings (interior and exterior), thus opening up the palette of colors and materials to infinity. Thus each house is thought out and developed on a case-by-case basis according to your wishes.


A wooden house can be modified with astonishing ease, whether it involves building an extension, enlarging or reducing rooms, fitting out an attic, or even adding a floor, all at the best price.


Since wooden houses can be adapted to all architectural specificities, their construction is authorized everywhere in France.

le bois est plus solant

an insulating material


   Wood is a naturally insulating material. Against cold and heat first of all because of all the solid materials, it offers the best performance in this area. It retains both heat and coolness.


Wood is an economical material to live in, which allows a heating saving of around 30% compared to an equivalent structure.  in concrete.


In addition, wood is an excellent sound insulation material. He can think  or absorb sound waves. This is why it is so often used to build: auditorium, theater , musical instruments...

le bois est un matériau résistant au feu

A fire resistant material


    Wood is a material with one of the best fire resistance. During a fire, the wood develops a layer of charcoal acting as a heat shield. Under this layer, the wood remains intact and retains all its resistance properties. Its combustion transmits no heat to neighboring parts and does not release any toxic smoke (main cause of death during a fire).


Wood is also used to make most of the fire doors in large buildings.  Some modern fire stations are also constructed of wood.


It is therefore possible to install a fireplace or a stove in a wooden house.


For all these reasons, the fire insurance premiums for a wooden house are strictly identical to those for a traditional house.

un matériau sain

A healthy material


    The wooden house is healthy, it regulates the humidity of the interior air of the dwellings and creates a drier and more comfortable atmosphere in a masonry house and this at the same temperature.


Wood is a hygroscopic material, which provides occupants with a healthy environment. It does not diffuse any harmful substance and can safely be used in the home, where it does not generate static electricity and dust mites.

le bois matériau perenne

A durable material


   Wooden buildings stand the test of time, defy earthquakes and other natural disasters, are erected in austere environments with extreme conditions (high altitude with refuges, by the sea or submerged with marinas, jetties, pontoons …). In addition, the wooden structure house escapes classic disasters such as cracks, condensation, settling and other moisture penetration, often deplored in masonry and concrete.


In the United States, Canada and Scandinavia, 90% of houses are built of wood or wood frame.


For example, the frames of Notre Dame de Paris are over 800 years old and are still original.

le bois est une construction rapide

A material that allows quick and dry construction


   Wood is a light material that allows prefabrication in the workshop. This 'rational' construction method can, among other things, overcome all the constraints linked to the vagaries of the weather. On site, no need for water, no setting and drying time, assembly is quick. The dry construction makes it possible to carry out the finishing work (upholstery, coating, parquet, etc.) immediately and to consider moving in very quickly in an environment conducive to well-being. Construction times are thus much shorter than for traditional construction.


In addition, wood is a dry material which is less dependent on climatic variations and in particular frost, which limits worksite interruptions due to bad weather.


A wooden or wooden frame house is built faster than a conventional house (between 4 and 6 months on average) which reduces the cumulative of a long credit repayment period and the payment of rent.

le bois est resistant

A material with great mechanical resistance


   The great mechanical resistance of wood, combined with its lightness, have made it the material of choice used for centuries for the construction of frameworks; centerpieces of all houses regardless of the composition of their walls.


A 3 meter beam capable of supporting 20 tons weighs: 60 kg in softwood, 80 kg in steel, 300 kg in reinforced concrete.

A wooden structure weighs a third less than a steel structure and 18 times less than a reinforced concrete structure!  This lightness makes it possible to free oneself from the constraints linked to construction in areas that are difficult to access or on low-lift terrain. In particular, it makes it possible to avoid the additional costs linked to these constraints.

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