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Our strong points:


- Custom build: each achievement is unique; validated by our architectural firm.


- Quick realization:

house finished about 5 months after obtaining the building permit.


- A la carte service:

from the house with finishing on request to the house delivered turnkey, 100% finished.


- Attractive prices:

a price up to 30% cheaper than a traditional house.


- A specialist present by your side at all stages of your project.

Timber frame construction

or framing


Principle of construction:













The stages of construction


Layout of the house and foundations  :

  construction of the concrete foundations, the site is ready to receive the elements manufactured in the factory.


Manufacture and assembly of walls in the factory  :

During the construction of the foundations, the walls, the floor and the framework are manufactured in factories. The assembly of the walls and the preparation of the wooden structural elements for the frame and the floor are carried out in the workshop and then delivered to the site.


Installation of the wooden technical floor  :

before the elevation of the walls, we proceed to the laying of the floor composed of structural elements and insulation which can then receive any type of floor covering.


Elevation of the walls and erection of the framework:

once delivered to the site, the walls are assembled on site. Once assembled, the frame is laid, which can be of any shape. In a few days, the wooden frame house takes shape.


Water and air protection:

Once the frame is up, we proceed to cover the house, which is now out of the water.  The exterior carpentry of the house is then installed, guaranteeing water and air tightness.


Interior design :

Once the house is built, the interior can be fitted out with the placement of ceilings, partitions, electrical equipment, plumbing and sanitary fixtures, as well as flooring.


Installation of the cladding  :

the last step, which gives the house its final appearance, is the installation of the exterior covering of your choice.

- Wooden frame structure in uprights.

- Insulation between uprights.

- The stability of the structure is ensured by panels derived from wood.

- Interior and exterior sealing.

- Interior and exterior dressing according to your wishes .

Solid wood construction

or Block House


Principle of construction:
























The stages of construction

- Solid laminated timber is stacked horizontally.

- The pieces of wood are profiled and fitted together to form a wall.

- This principle facilitates the integration of water, electricity and home automation networks.

- By matching the thickness of the wood and the insulation chosen, you will obtain high-performance insulation.

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